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The Master of Applied Sciences:
Academia meets Practice

The Master of Applied Sciences or MASc is a particular postgraduate programme. A specialty of this E.H.E. EurAka Master's programme is that it is formed of four taught modules only, but emphasises an extended Master's thesis or investigative project paper, which trains those skills informed decision-making needs. What precisely is the Master of Applied Sciences?

The Master of Applied Sciences (MASc) program is a research-based program that provides advanced knowledge and practice in a chosen area of specialization, developing the skills for conducting research in this area, plus a thesis satisfactorily defended.’

The MASc is far more popular than generally known. Its purpose is to introduce students to theoretical backgrounds, which address the 'real world' for finding best-practice solutions. But for being best practice, they need good research and investigation, which are indispensable for good and informed decision-making. Therefore, the extended final thesis or project paper. Despite that this paper is all about independent work, students are never alone. An individually allocated supervisor accompanies them during the whole time and in 1:1 feedback improves their skills and the outcome of their Master's studies.
EurAka University MASc
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Two phases make up the programme of
the Master of Applied Sciences (MASc):

  • Four weeks of physical presence studies, either at the E.H.E. EurAka's new Swiss Campus opening soon or at the German campus
  • Nine months for the thesis or project paper

The Master of Applied Sciences is an ideal programme and through the variety of subject areas of interest to many. Its flexibility demanding little time of personal presence makes it very attractive for professionals. They can continue with their jobs with a short interruption only. Of course, the work-based entry route is an option for the MASc as for the other postgraduate programmes. Studies are starting several times each year.

Interested? Please download the brochure or contact the E.H.E. EurAka directly.
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