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- 2018 -

February: The Central University of Zambia (CUZ) in Lusaka and the EurAka University start their collaboration. First students are starting their PhD studies with the EurAka University. Master's and Bachelor programmes will quickly follow.

The European University EurAka Switzerland launches the new MBA-programme in Maritime Management. This MBA-programme was initiated by the EurAka University's representation in Southeast Asia. These studies fully concentrate on shipping, ports, and maritime logistics, but also include legal regulations, compliance, and environmental subjects.

January: By unanimous decision, the Governing Board of the European Council of Business Education, ECBE, has accepted the EurAka University as an Institutional Member. Furthermore, ECBE invited the EurAka University to its assembly in Madrid in May. In particular, the EurAka University considers the unanimity of the ECBE decision as supporting evidence for her academic efforts.

Prof Dr Pierre Bultez, an internationally renowned expert in Finance and Accounting has receveived the EurAka University's call as Programme Director Finance & Risk Management.

- 2017 -

November: The Nepalese Ministry of Education officially recognises the EurAka University and allows it to operate in Nepal. The Ministry of Education makes the EurAka University one of the very few foreign Universities officially admitted to operate in Nepal. Three Partner Colleges have already started recruiting significant numbers of students, especially for the Bachelor in Hospitality Management.

15 September: The EurAka University had invited to her Graduation Ceremony. Exceptionally the Ceremony took not place in Switzerland, but in the historic Abbey Rolduc, the Netherlands. Students from Asia, Africa, and Europe celebrated their achievements on doctoral and Master's level. - A festive day to be remembered.

August: Eight PhD and DBA candidates had their Viva in Kuala Lumpur. These candidates successfully defended their thesis allowing the Viva Jury to award the intended Doctoral Degree. Various theses have been of such quality that Degrees of merit - magna cum laude - could be awarded. The Viva Jury was composed by the EurAka University's Pro Vice-Chancellor International and two Professors from public Malaysian Universities.
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