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E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH
E.H.E. European University EurAka Switzerland

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2018: Swiss Higher Education ranked as second best in the world

E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAKA CH

Private University for
Medical Studies, Technology & Economics

Higher Education -
Swiss made
E.H.E. EurAka Research Award
Seal of Research 2018/2019 for excellent research
German Stifterverband
(Federal Ministry of
Education and Research)
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E.H.E. EurAka Certification:
Presence and Past

The E.H.E. EurAka actually joins various internationally acknowledged higher education associations as Institutional Member. Officially and according to the HFKG Swiss University Law and WBF, but as well the cantonal laws of our University's location in Basel-Landschaft no further accreditation, certification, QM certificates or other certificates are requested from the E.H.E. EurAka until the end of the year 2022.

Actually, the E.H.E. EurAka develops a new Holistic QM Handbook in direct cooperation with the DeuZert GmbH Germany founding member of the IFEC International Forum for the Certification of Educational Services, which is the international organisation for ISO 29990:2010. This development is supported by the former President of EduQua Switzerland.

In this development and cooperation with a founding member of the IFEC International Forum for the Certification of Educational Services, the E.H.E. EurAka amends the content of the EduQua and IQNet ISO 9000 Certification for that it respects the newer, hence actual EN/DIN ISO29990 learning service accordingly.

In the past, the E.H.E. EurAka held a number of official Certifications. Among these were the SQS Certification, the EduQua Certification, valid until June 2011 and the IQNet ISO 9001-2000 Certification, valid until February 2010. Further such Certifications held comprised Quality Austria (valid until December 2010), or QS Zurich. These certifications were discontinued for the reason that relevant changes and modernisation in the higher education context, cf. EN/DIN ISO29990 were not implemented in these certifications.
EurAka University Certification
E.H.E. EurAka Swiss Quality
E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH
(Private European University EurAka Switzerland)
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